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How many calories...

Probably the one thing anyone watching their weight wants to know is - how many calories to lose weight? Sounds simple, but does that mean the number of calories you should eat, or the number you should cut out? And does it depend on your body shape/genes/lifestyle/metabolism/age?

Then there are the other questions that you wonder about as you look through yet another diet plan. Queries that start out sensible but then get more bizarre as you become more anxious...

The trouble is, once we get hung up on calories (or joules or points for that matter) it’s easy to panic about how many we’re supposed to have. Maybe as a teenager you spent far too much time obsessing over the calories in every bite you took, then the rest of the time eating all the ‘wrong’ things to cheer yourself up? Join the club. Then as you got a bit older, you found that when buying clothes the retailers seemed to be mislabelling the sizes, or the manufacturers were cutting the material more skimpily to save money? Yes, I found that too - surely it wasn’t that I was gradually getting bigger...

I looked at calorie requirements - the standard one that gets put on food packaging is 2000 kcal for women and 2500 kcal for men. But that’s not the whole story. Our bodies are marvellous things and we ARE all different; so body shape, genes, age and metabolism do affect how many calories we need. However, our lifestyle is the most important thing that influences how many calories we should have - things like how active/mobile/sedentary we are, how much muscle/fat we’ve got, what type of work we do, what our eating patterns are and so on.

Confusing isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be...

Help is just the click of your mouse away. Over the years I’ve worked out how to save calories without losing out on the pleasure of eating, by experimenting in my own kitchen and trying out the results on family and friends. It was fun, and together with some research led me to write the new ebook Eat Lean, Not Mean. As they say in loads of adverts, I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

Eat Lean, not Mean will help you find out how many calories to lose weight and it shows you how to:

This book has a big advantage over some of the other books you may have read - it’s not a diet plan! So there are no banned foods, just plenty of hints, tips and advice on how to change the way you eat. Small changes can make big differences - on the scales!

If you want to know how many calories to lose weight, why not try Eat Lean, Not Mean and enjoy a new you without the struggle or restrictions of a diet.

If you’re still not convinced, let me mention a recent television series that compared three diet regimes to see which was most effective. There was the Victorian meat-based diet (remember the Atkins diet anyone?), the Edwardian ‘chew chew’ diet and the 1920s calorie-counted diet. All the participants lost weight, mainly because in its own way each diet restricted the number of calories consumed. But the Edwardian regime was the most effective - and it was the only one that did not ban any foods, it relied on each bite being chewed 32 times - which allowed time for the ‘full’ signal from the stomach to reach the brain. Of course, I’m not saying that you have to chew 32 times, just chew properly rather than gulp the food!

Click here to buy your copy of Eat Lean, Not Mean now! It costs just $10.99 - or only £7.49. You can pay using PayPal, so you know your details are secure.

Buy the Eat Lean, Not Mean eBook now!

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Enjoy your calories, eat well and look forward to a new you...

Eleanor Knowles

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PS Just a thought - do you hate eBooks? The internet is a great way of finding out what you want to know very quickly. But some people (me too!) would rather have a book in proper book form. If this is you, please click here so that I can let you know when the ‘physical’ form of Eat Lean, Not Mean will be available.

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